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Accessorising your space as part of your fit-out will convert it into a fully functioning experience. Complete your interior with functional pieces such as monitor arms, coat stands, high-quality whiteboards, cable management, office acoustics and lighting.

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    B.Quiet Acoustic Pods

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    B.Quiet Acoustic Pods are the perfect solution for providing privacy and confidentiality in today’s modern open plan office. Offering a cost-effective and efficient way to ensure conversations, phone calls and video conferences remain uninterrupted and private, the B.Quiet is an excellent addition to any workplace. With a simple, sleek design, the pod fits effortlessly, taking up minimal space and can be relocated when required.
    Available in:
    SIngle Pod: 1 person
    Meeting Pod: 2-4 people
    Work Pod: 1 person with desk
    Large Pod: 4-6 people
    Custom colour combinations and specifications available with leadtime.
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    Seachange Screens

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    Seachange screens come in modules which can be joined together in straights and curves with plantation grown timber joiners. They provide non-structural acoustic and visual barriers and can be quickly moved to allow a quick change of office space, suited to today’s dynamic work environment.
    PET is a marvel; durable, inert, recyclable and capable of being reused into a wide array of functional products, but if it is in the oceans, it is in the wrong place. Put it back in the right place…in your office environment. Our 100% PET screens are made of fully recycled PET which has been remelted, turned into a spun microfilament and then pressed and moulded into elegant functional floor mounted screens.
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    Timber Privacy Screen

    The Timber Privacy Screen provides a visual hideaway you can position anywhere in the office. The timber slats provide a natural look and visual privacy from various angles. As a freestanding screen you can move and reposition throughout your space. Made in Australia, the Timber Privacy screen can be customised to your size requirements.
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    Square Bear HEDGE Mobile Screens

    HEDGE can be used to create a private space or a privacy barrier. Easily moved, HEDGE is a versatile semi-static screen with acoustic performance and can be used throughout the workplace for individual or collaborative needs. Designed and Made in Australia Mobile Screen Collection Complements the rest of the Square Bear Range Options include: Single or Double Screen Castors or on feet Straight or L-shape configuration when connecting screens together
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    Square Bear 100 ACRE Mobile Storage and Planters

    100 ACRE promotes wellbeing by introducing plants into the workplace and providing multiple benefits to employees for cleaner air, better health and increased focus. Reducing pollutant gases, airborne dust, air temperatures and background noise, plants lower carbon dioxide levels and help to lower stress. Including green walls and foliage in the workplace with 100 ACRE brings nature into the work space for an aesthetically pleasing feel good environment. Designed and Made in Australia Mobile planter and storage collection Complements the rest of the Square Bear Range Mobile on castors Options include: Shelf Planter Trellis for Plants Bench Seat Bench Planter
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    Square Bear ETCH Mobile Whiteboards

    ETCH brings mobility into the workplace, providing a flexible solution for a variety of needs. Available with multiple surface options including whiteboard, pinboard, shelves and planters, ETCH can be used to support productivity and well-being by bringing nature into the space. ETCH can be stored neatly in-between RETREAT pods, moved when needed, and shared around the workplace. Designed and Made in Australia Mobile whiteboard and pinboard collection Complements the rest of the Square Bear Range Mobile on castors Options include: Whiteboard - Both sides Pinboard - Both sides Half Whiteboard - Top half whiteboard, Bottom half Pinboard on Both sides Cantilever Planter - Panel for Plant pots on one side, pinboard or whiteboard on the reverse side
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    Square Bear RETREAT Acoustic Pods

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    The RETREAT range is designed for people to seek peace and be removed from the distraction of the workplace. Generously sized with tapered walls to match the contours of the human body, stepping inside RETREAT provides a spacious escape to find a quiet mind without feeling boxed in. RETREAT sits directly on the floor surface and features a sensor-controlled lighting and ventilation system that operate on entry or exit of the pod, avoiding unnecessary use. Two fans, one at the base and one at the top, reticulate airflow to allow a constant air exchange that provide ultimate oxygen availability and clean air rotation. Customising RETREAT is easy with our standard range of finishes, or customer-own selections, and with the option of a glass or solid back, styles can be individually created for each workplace. The RETREAT Collection includes: RETREAT 1.1 for a single person RETREAT 2.1 for 1-2 people RETREAT 2.2: for 2-4 people OPEN RETREAT 2.2: for 2-4 people without a door and front wall Designed and Made in Australia. Can be installed as a piece of loose furniture instead of building meeting rooms Acoustically tested to isolate noise from inside and outside. Can accommodate accessories including TV screens, whiteboards and power and data points.
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    Grove Planter

    The GROVE planter is designed to add greenery to your office, whilst also doubling as a visual disvider between zones and spaces. This planter comes with a watertight insert container for direct planting. All materials in the GROVE planter are either made from recycled materials, or designed to be 100% recyclable. The planter as a mild steel base and body that can be powdercoated in one of 4 different colours, with a 3mm recycled and recyclable ABS plastic insert to hold your plants and plant pots. Comes on floorstanding wire frame as standard, but steel box and insert can be supplied separately to act as a planter box on a table or workstation. Designed in Australia, Suitable for indoor use only.
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    Glider Monitor Arm

    The design-led Glider Monitor Arm provides optimum ergonomic viewing position with perfect screen alignment, while an advanced Mechanical Spring mechanism provides fluid movement. The double arm features two stage gliding runner technology allowing for perfect side by side positioning, regardless of monitors, while also providing a generous viewing distance for better ergonomic comfort. Available as single or Dual monitor arm Weight Capacity: 3-9kg per arm Screen Size Fit: 17 - 32 inch Worktop thickness: 10-60mm Laptop tray available as extra accessory Suitable for straight and curved screens Desk Clamp only VESA mounting plate Quick release with 90 degree portrait to landscape screen rotation Gas spring easily counter balances the weight of your monitor In built sliding screen mechanism to perfectly position two monitors side by side (for dual arm only)
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    Acoustic Art Tiles

    Acoustic Quiet Art Tiles are perfect for areas where noise affects the soundscape. Tiles are easy to install with an award-winning timeless design with many colours available to match complement your workspace. With an NRC of 0.70, SANA 24mm absorbs up to 70% of noise pollution, adding acoustic benefit to the space.
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    Zip 3 Panel Acoustic Room Divider

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    Z I P dividers are designed to divide larger areas into quieter, more functional spaces, providing an easy and cost-effective way to minimize the noise and visual distractions found in today’s open work environment. Constructed from 100% recycled PET materials, Z I P dividers absorb up to 85% of ambient noise and easily zip together to create an innovative acoustic solution that allows workers to be more focused and productive while maintaining the benefits of collaboration.
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    Ypsilon Connect Screen

    Ypsilon Connect is an elegant and functional self-supporting, sound absorbing partition panel. One of the greatest strengths of this product lies in its extensive customisation possibilities thanks to which users can create ever new layouts, manage their spaces more effectively and create welcoming office spaces or functional training and meeting rooms. Ypsilon Connect is characterised by sound absorbing panels that are shaped around a structure formed by two die-cast aluminium bases and extruded aluminium columns.
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    Vader Monitor Arm

    The Vader Monitor Arm offers improved work efficiency, increasing desk space and comfort. The advanced gas spring mechanism provides fluid movement, while built-in rotation limiters offer protection for desks with privacy panels.
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    Lumiere Magnetic and Arc Glassboards

    Lumiére is Australia’s original and finest glass board engineered to perform flawless for a lifetime the perfect surface, thickness, strength and quality. You should choose Lumiére Glassboards™ for any project requiring an elegant writing surface that is stain free and magnetic receptive. They provide a sleek, timeless look and have been the choice for education interior designs and large scale projects in particular.
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    Communicate Mobile Whiteboard

    Functional and very versatile room dividers. Create any workspace, meeting area required. Units can be linked together, form any shape. Link as many units as you like.
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    Bosselino Telephone Cube

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    The office has never been so compact. The bosselino scores with its youthful design, and the high quality wood elements make it a mini office with a flair for comfort. Clever features provide for undisturbed working and video calls on equal terms.
    • Building-independent, flexible, unfixed setup in the room
    • Simple Plug & Play connection to the existing mains electricity via shockproof plug
    • Steel frame construction that can be adjusted to uneven floors (maximum height adjustment + 15mm) with attached white powdered aluminium profiles
    • Stable base plate with acoustically effective carpeting
    • Practically invisible door hinges, magnetic closure for doors that close quietly
    • Interior: acoustic wood panel with function rail for height-adjustable shelf table
    • (optional) including netbox point
    • Exterior: panelling in a choice of melamine decor or magnetic whiteboard film
    • Reverse with composite safety glass including silence film
    • Suspended, felt-covered acoustic ceiling, integrated lighting (direct and indirect) and ventilation
    • Air circulation volume of 160 m³/h, corresponds to approx. 60x air exchange per hour
    • Sound level difference between inside and outside of up to 40d
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    Alpha AD1 Whiteboard

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    Create new insights, brainstorm issues, inspire students... wherever the meeting location is. Mobility and the capturing of information is part of ‘Agile Thinking’ and problem solving for groups. Open plan design can be effortlessly transformed into a work environment that encourages teamwork. The new ALPHA AD1 Mobile Whiteboard offers an aesthetic, practical collaboration tool. Featuring a double-sided Vitreous Enamel (porcelain) writing surface that is conditionally warranted for 25 years and is scratch resistant.
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    Humanspace Cube

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    The Bosse HumanSpace Cube enables you to design your office landscapes according to your ideas – independently of the building’s structure. The modular design of the room-in-room system makes it extremely adaptable. Installation only takes a matter of hours, and a socket is all the connection to the mains requires. This also means that later conversion is not an expensive, major project.
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    C.ME Monitor Arm

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    The C.ME monitor arm is available in single, double, triple and quad arm configurations and has a range of standard finishes including white, black and polished aluminium. Thinking Works
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    Designed by Helene Tiedemann, the Twiggy coathanger adds whimsy to any interior with a stunning organic shape that resembles buds and branches. Twiggy comes in a neat easy case and takes less than a minute to assembly. Available in the following colours:
    • Black
    • White
    • Ocean grey
    • Vintage red
    • Yellow
    • Coat Hanger - 480mm(w) x 450mm(d) x 1680mm(h)
    • Wall 1- 140mm(w) x 170mm(d) x 410mm(h)
    • Wall 2 - 280mm(w) x 180mm(d) x 850mm(h)
    • Wall 3 - 320mm(w) x 240mm(d) x 1180mm(h)
    Product Detail: Made in solid wood with a powder coated metal connector. Connector is also available in chrome. ji_logotyp_cmyk_0
  • pedrali-flag-coat-stand

    Flag Coat Stand

    Pedrali Flag coat stand is the result of the synthesis between form and function, featuring a harmonious union of elements that make it seemingly a single material. The arms are connected to the polypropylene tube steel support organically producing the required function. Flag is a versatile piece of furniture that fits in all contexts thanks to its clean design and possibility to vary the position of the four arms to create new geometries. pedrali