Square Bear ETCH Mobile Whiteboards

Square Bear ETCH Mobile Whiteboards

ETCH brings mobility into the workplace, providing a flexible solution for a variety of needs. Available with multiple surface options including whiteboard, pinboard, shelves and planters, ETCH can be used to support productivity and well-being by bringing nature into the space. ETCH can be stored neatly in-between RETREAT pods, moved when needed, and shared around the workplace.

Designed and Made in Australia
Mobile whiteboard and pinboard collection
Complements the rest of the Square Bear Range
Mobile on castors

Options include:
Whiteboard – Both sides
Pinboard – Both sides
Half Whiteboard – Top half whiteboard, Bottom half Pinboard on Both sides
Cantilever Planter – Panel for Plant pots on one side, pinboard or whiteboard on the reverse side


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Timber Plywood Finishes: Natural or Black Stain
Acoustic Panel Internal & External finishes: Contact us for the complete selection.
Whiteboard: White Magnetic surface

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