Our Services


We create dynamic spaces with intelligent furniture solutions.

Our Business Interiors team will assist you with highly customised solutions, project planning and guidance throughout the entire process. We make the process simple and ensure that everything is completed as planned.

Our approach towards supplying furniture is consciously informed by the way a space will be occupied and the desired experience. We understand the challenges of encouraging connection and collaboration, as well as the necessity for spaces to serve different workplace demographics. Our furniture solutions help transform the culture and environment required to retain visitors and employees while also improving their performance, productivity, mobility, health, and wellness.

We offer a wide selection of high quality furniture from leading Australian and European brands which are best-in-class in ergonomics, craftsmanship, innovation, durability, and environmental sustainability.


We provide everyday office furniture that can be conveniently ordered from our catalogue. We offer cost-effective solutions for clients’ everyday furniture needs, with quick and easy delivery, whether you need a single chair or an entire fleet.

Project Management

Our projects are serviced by a dedicated project manager who provides a single point of contact throughout the life of the project programme.

Our project managers are committed to providing clients with continuity in service, high quality product performance and successful project outcomes. We have developed thorough processes to ensure projects are delivered seamlessly, while maintaining a level of flexibility to ensure our ability to adapt to meet project demands.

Our project management support is crucial in helping our clients bring their concepts to life, where our strength lies in working with them from the beginning, and not just stepping in at the end. We support clients with project programme and milestone management, budget, schedule and quality management, site visits and final walk-throughs, and delivery and installation coordination.

Account Management

Our dedicated Account Managers provide a single point of contact from consultation to delivery and implementation, making working with us seamless.

Account Managers at Business Interiors work directly with clients to service their needs, from a single purchase to an entire project, ensuring client and project requirements are met and exceeded. We assist our clients in reimagining commercial spaces and executing their vision by balancing their needs and the needs of the customers.


We help to complete your project on time and within budget. We leverage our national logistics and distribution footprint to offer competitively priced products and meet fast delivery timelines.

We understand that commercial spaces need customisation to meet not only fit design specifications but also budgets. We can help clients save in a variety of ways, from carefully planning project schedules to minimise delivery and assembly costs to placing product orders from a single source to maximise project efficiency and reduce excess expense.

Our products have been designed to minimise operational costs by considering their entire life cycle, including durability, maintenance, cleaning, disposal, and storage.

Delivery, Assembly and Service

A brand of Winc, we rely on the strength of a national distribution network to offer fast delivery and assembly.

Our project management team carefully plan deliveries, arranging on-site access, requirements, contacts, and assembly during or after business hours in line with project schedules and workplace health and safety policies.

We continue to provide comprehensive, ongoing after-sales and warranty service even after the project is completed to ensure our clients have confidence that support is always available. In addition to asset management, movement, warehousing, and disposal, we provide onsite assistance, product maintenance, warranty assistance, product seminars, and training.