Square Bear 100 ACRE Mobile Storage and Planters

Square Bear 100 ACRE Mobile Storage and Planters

100 ACRE promotes wellbeing by introducing plants into the workplace and providing multiple benefits to employees for cleaner air, better health and increased focus. Reducing pollutant gases, airborne dust, air temperatures and background noise, plants lower carbon dioxide levels and help to lower stress.

Including green walls and foliage in the workplace with 100 ACRE brings nature into the work space for an aesthetically pleasing feel good environment.

Designed and Made in Australia
Mobile planter and storage collection
Complements the rest of the Square Bear Range
Mobile on castors

Options include:
Trellis for Plants
Bench Seat
Bench Planter


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Timber Plywood Finishes: Natural or Black Stain
Acoustic Panel Internal & External finishes
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