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Our solutions help enable engagement, collaboration and culture by understanding your needs.

We assist you with highly customised solutions, project planning and guidance throughout the entire process.

We make the process simple and ensure that everything is completed as planned.

The Dauphin Interview

Since founding in 1968, Dauphin has stood at the forefront of ergonomics, design, and aesthetics. Founder Friedrich-Wilhelm Dauphin has driven this story and now he looks back on a legacy certified in design gold, but one still growing.

MLC School Case Study

The new Senior Centre at MLC School creates a variety of spaces and facilities for their students, including informal learning spaces, tutorial rooms, common rooms and more.

New – Noom by Actiu

The enormous versatility and personalisation capacity of Noom allows this family of armchairs, chairs and stools to fit into many spaces from lobbies, to meeting rooms and more.

Winc Case Study

Winc employed Business Interiors to provide furniture solutions that would boost productivity and foster a more collaborative place to work.

New – Lea by Midj

Lea by Midj offers a elegance with its steel structure and soft, comfortable fine lines.

Dynamic Learning

Our latest blog explores how flexible learning furniture can transform education and improve the student experience.

Soft Seating Solutions – Reefs by Dauphin

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