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    Square Bear ETCH Mobile Whiteboards

    ETCH brings mobility into the workplace, providing a flexible solution for a variety of needs. Available with multiple surface options including whiteboard, pinboard, shelves and planters, ETCH can be used to support productivity and well-being by bringing nature into the space. ETCH can be stored neatly in-between RETREAT pods, moved when needed, and shared around the workplace. Designed and Made in Australia Mobile whiteboard and pinboard collection Complements the rest of the Square Bear Range Mobile on castors Options include: Whiteboard - Both sides Pinboard - Both sides Half Whiteboard - Top half whiteboard, Bottom half Pinboard on Both sides Cantilever Planter - Panel for Plant pots on one side, pinboard or whiteboard on the reverse side
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    Bosselino Telephone Cube

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    The office has never been so compact. The bosselino scores with its youthful design, and the high quality wood elements make it a mini office with a flair for comfort. Clever features provide for undisturbed working and video calls on equal terms.
    • Building-independent, flexible, unfixed setup in the room
    • Simple Plug & Play connection to the existing mains electricity via shockproof plug
    • Steel frame construction that can be adjusted to uneven floors (maximum height adjustment + 15mm) with attached white powdered aluminium profiles
    • Stable base plate with acoustically effective carpeting
    • Practically invisible door hinges, magnetic closure for doors that close quietly
    • Interior: acoustic wood panel with function rail for height-adjustable shelf table
    • (optional) including netbox point
    • Exterior: panelling in a choice of melamine decor or magnetic whiteboard film
    • Reverse with composite safety glass including silence film
    • Suspended, felt-covered acoustic ceiling, integrated lighting (direct and indirect) and ventilation
    • Air circulation volume of 160 m³/h, corresponds to approx. 60x air exchange per hour
    • Sound level difference between inside and outside of up to 40d