The time for new meaning and purpose in workplace design is now – workplaces need to support collaboration, focus and socialising.

Wed Aug 31 | 1PM AEST

Angela Ferguson

Interior Designer and one of Australia’s leading experts in Workplace Design.

Sheree Barrett-Lennard

Hosted by award-winning journalist.

In this 60-minute fireside chat, Angela Ferguson and Sheree Barrett-Lennard have an insightful and in-depth conversation about the future of workplace design and how workplaces need to evolve their approach to build community, cohesion, and a sense of belonging to entice people to work in physical workspaces.

You’ll learn about:

Why collaborating and socialising at work is more critical than ever before

A new role for the centralised office amongst an ecology of workspace scenarios

How health and wellbeing has been elevated

Hybrid working and ensuring an equality of experience, no matter where you are