Webinar: The time for new meaning and purpose in workplace design is now – workspaces need to support collaboration, focus and socialising.

Webinar: The future of workplace design
September 1, 2022 Rhiannon Lelliott

Webinar: The future of workplace design

Watch our fireside chat as one of Australia’s leading experts on Workplace Strategy and Design, Angela Ferguson and journalist Sheree Barrett-Lennard discuss the future of workplace design.

In this webinar you’II learn:

  • Why collaborating and socialising at work is more critical than ever before
  • The evolution of the workplace
  • The new role for the centralised office amongst an ecology of workspace scenarios
  • How health and wellbeing has been elevated
  • Hybrid working and ensuring an equality of experience, no matter where you are
  • The three key components of any successful workplace design is people, place and technology

This session includes a Q&A session in which Angela answers questions from live attendees.

Questions include:

  • How do you balance ideal workplace design with the realities to working within budgets?
  • How can I create different HUBs and functional spaces within a smaller office space?
  • What do you think the future of work looks like? What is your vision and do you have any hopes?
  • What are your thoughts on eco-friendly and sustainable office spaces? Are you seeing more brands and businesses shifting to this?
  • What does the ideal workspace look like?
  • Does colour and texture when used on furniture have a recognised affect on wellness and belonging in the office?

+ more!


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