Indeed Chair

Indeed Chair

The Indeed chair gets right to the heart of modern office life.

The dynamic lines of the backrest, the seamless transition to the backrest support and the subtle clear edges create a chair with real character. This is how design is crafted.

20% lighter
Indeed is a real lightweight: To make the chair easy to handle and conserve resources during production, we reduced the use of materials without compromise – saving 20% weight in comparison to similar chairs!

99% made from PET bottles
Let’s make the world a bit better – and more colourful! Indeed follows this approach. For the cover we use “Tonal fabric”. This is 99% made from recycled PET bottles and, thanks to its positive environmental footprint, has been awarded the Oeko-Tex certificate and the EU Ecolabel.

2 min set up time
Simple. For everyone: The chair’s design has been reduced to as few individual components as possible, allowing it to be assembled within 2 minutes without using tools. You can choose whether to receive the chair fully preassembled or wrapped in film.

-60% packaging volume
By saving on packaging material, we are able to reduce the volume of packaging by up to 60%. This means we increase the loading capacities of trucks and reduce CO2 emissions at the same time. This promotes eco-friendly behaviour. For everyone.

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