Signo Chairs
  • signo_0022_Signo SG_302_02
  • signo_0012_Signo_03961
  • signo_0016_Signo 07_Konferenz_SG612
  • signo_0027_Signo SG_302_09
  • signo_0005_SG602_LEDER_90
  • signo_0024_SG_612_03
  • signo_0014_Signo SG_Detail_03
  • Signo Medium Back_02
  • signo_0007_SG102_LEDER_90
  • signo_0023_Signo SG_204_02
  • signo_0000_SG602_LEDER_DETAIL_17
  • signo_0020_Signo SG_404_03
  • signo_0006_SG104_STOFF_315
  • signo_0015_black edition ZA╠èco Signo 3
  • Signo High Back
  • signo_0010_SG605_LEDER_0
  • signo_0011_SG105_LEDER_45
  • signo_0013_Signo SG_Detail_04
  • signo_0019_Signo SG_605_05
  • signo_0004_SG602_LEDER_90_CAPPUCINO

Signo Chairs

The Signo is a beautiful handcrafted range of executive and boardroom seating. Designed and produced in Switzerland, the Signo provides excellent comfort as atask chair with its Syncro Motion X tilt mechanism, combined with high level leather upholstery and polished aluminium accents. Available in three back heights, the Signo is a showpiece to suit your boardroom, meeting and private office spaces.