Ovation Workstation

Ovation Workstation

Designed with movement in mind, Ovation draws inspiration from iconic transport systems of the world. Like the arteries of a transport system, Thinking Works have redesigned the way we route soft wiring, concealing it in an enclosed cable pathway with removable segregation and multiple access points to keep the system running smoothly and efficiently. A unique oval leg profile offers a sophisticated take on an office essential, with solutions for fixed and both electric and crank height adjustable desking available.



Ovation is available as single sided, back to back, 90° and 120° workstation solution.
The Ovation Cable Tray provides sleek cable management.
Top and side access points allow for easy access to any below-desk power connections.
Acoustic screens are available at two heights and in three PET finishes. Framed and frameless options are both available.
Electric height-adjustable Ovation desks have the option to integrate smartphone-based controls via the custom app.

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PET Screen and Modesty: Light Grey, Dark grey, Oatmeal
Plastic Housing: Black and Warm grey
Cable tray: Black powdercoat
Softwiring modules: black
Hooks: Satin Nickel

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