Noom Series 20 Lounge Chairs
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Noom Series 20 Lounge Chairs

The enormous versatility and personalization capacity of Noom, designed by the Alegre Design studio, allows this line to fit into many spaces from lobbies, to meeting rooms and more. A family of chairs, armchairs, benches are available in a wide variety of options in terms of seat and structure, and combine handcrafted upholstery with patternmaking technologies and 3D seams to generate a line of soft seating that find their space organically in contract and work environments.



Versatile Lounge chair with various base options – both timber and steel
Three upholstery options available: Single colour, Dual colour, highlight colour on trim.
Available in low back height (Series 10)

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Alegre Design


Upholstery: Various fabrics and leathers available.

Disc Swivel base: White or Black Aluminium
4 star Timber frame: Natural or black stain Beech

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