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MOMENT Workstation

Moment is a workstation and table system designed to inspire a collaborative work environment. The system has been thoughtfully designed to adapt to ongoing changes in workplace design with screens and accessories that can be easily interchanged or removed to create the desired work environment. Detail-formed legs feature across the Moment product family to provide synergy throughout the office.

A moment of focus or a vibe of collaboration. The Moment workstation considers different work styles and functions through the patented SHHOUT acoustic screens. These provide a feeling of privacy or inspire a collaborative space, depending on how they are configured.

Clever concealed cable and data management works with technology, not against it. Accessibility to power and data is also considered, with an easy-reach above-table design.

Moment’s accessories gratify the dynamics and fluidity of today’s workplaces. Removable screens and hung stationery storage system can be easily interchanged, added or removed to create the desired environment.


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