Orgatec Show Highlights
January 8, 2019 Rhiannon Lelliott

When the biennial Orgatec New Visions of Work event kicked off last October we were excited to see what our partner brands Dauphin, Jonas Ihreborn, Pedrali, Actiu, Thinking Works, Midj and Markant had in store for 2019. We weren’t disappointed, scroll down to view our highlights from the show. Like what you see? Stay tuned for in stock dates throughout 2019, or contact your Business Interiors specialist for further information.


Celebrating 50 years of innovation and expertise in ergonomics, Dauphin is known for their range of attractive furnishing solutions for modern work environments. Among the long list of new products featured was their new Fiore Range in Black, proving that black really is beautiful – an elegant alternative to cool metal and loud colour. The “black edition” Scandinavian-chic range in soft black is an elegant understatement and the embodiment of cosy understatement, on the rise in offices and boardrooms around the world.

Dauphin’s also showcased the Reefs System by Jessica Engelhardt, a new collaborative soft seating system; Sync 2 Pro by Trend Office, a new task and meeting chair family; and a limited edition re-design of the 1000 Classic Chair by Wilfried Dauphin, the company’s first product with major commercial success.



The various Jonas Ihreborn Scandinavian design collections are known for their familiar themes, both traditional and modern, combined with a strong individual aesthetic for each piece.

New to the Cosmo range by Håkan Olsson & Kristofer Jonsson is now a matching bench, a table and a lap top table. A new modular sofa – Hill by Jon Eliason is designed to fit in groups as well as stretched lengths. Tip Toe by Thomas E Alken provides a light, refined and elegant table that effortlessly lifts its stone slab on lightweight slim legs. This modern table now comes in two sizes.

Sputnik by Jonas Ihreborn has a metal frame with black powder coating, this makes the table easy to handle and place. It is also available as a lamp table with LED light source.



Pedrali launched five new products at Orgatec. These products through the use of new technologies and the skilful combination of different materials, continue Pedrali’s path in the constant stylistic research and enhancement of functionality. The Italian company also took the opportunity to launch their new collaboration with Claudio Bellini, a leading designer specialising in contemporary office furnishings.

New products showcased include: Elinor by Claudio Bellini, a new Boardroom chair; Boxie by Claudio Dondoli & Marco Pocci, a new mobile storage family, Temps by Jorge Pensi Design Studio, a new meeting chair family, Ypsilon by Jorge Pensi Design Studio, a new folding table option to their existing range; and Ray by Pio E Tito Toso, a unique new coat stand.

Click here to view the Working Spaces Video


At Orgatec, Actiu released the new NOOM Range by ALEGRE DESIGN, an extensive range of soft seating solutions, which combines armchairs and stools with soft and warm geometric volumes to fit organically both in contract spaces and work environments.

Ambition and the continuous search for new limits has led Actiu to try out new productive processes and materials with values and vision of the future. “We have wanted to reinterpret the applicability of the lightness and resistance of carbon fibre of other technological sectors in order to create a different product, with seductive shapes, which brings exclusivity beyond the physical.” The result is KARBON by ITEMDESIGNWORK an iconic piece which provides new stackable chair made out of carbon fibre.

The new TALENT range by ALEGRE DESIGN is a system of collective, mobile, folding, stacking and elevating tables that enable versatility to multipurpose spaces (eg training and educational areas). The new WHASS stackable chair by ITEMDESIGNWORK has been designed for intensive use in flexible spaces. A multifunctional, lightweight and easy to move product that can be stacked easily on a cart with up to 30 units from a monoblock carcass. It can therefore be stored in the minimum possible space, a feature that makes it an ideal choice for conference halls and multi-purpose spaces.