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1-24 of 138 products

  • pedrali-nolita-table

    Nolita Table

    The Pedrali Nolita Table with legs made of steel tube to ensure the greatest strength and durability. Light and easy to be handled it can be combined with tops of different sizes and finishes. A collection confirming its summer time appeal, to enjoy relaxing and convivial moments in the open air.
  • Marilyn

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    Marilyn is a chair that starts a conversation, in a waiting area, as a dining chair, or as an occasional piece. Mix and match the colours and finishes that make up the chair components to achieve the right look for your space. The conical legs are available in chrome, sand, ash grey or white-painted steel. Choose your frame finish from dark oak, light oak, walnut or white laquer. Finally, seat upholstery can be selected from leather, ecoleather or fabric. midj
  • Uka Beam

    Uka is a chair designed to be versatile, light and easy to store, with flowing lines. It is mounted upon your choice of metal frame, for whatever your business requirements. Its breathable back provides a perfect lumbar support. A wide array of colours available, to create the perfect environment. Actiu_logo
  • TNK Flex Task Chair – Tex Back

    The TNK Flex chair acts like a second skin. It’s flexible back and suspended seat intuitively flexes and shifts to the movement of your body, providing support without the need for complicated manual adjustments. The chair can be adjusted to your fit, with two back heights, seat depth adjustment and optional headrests to provide comfort during long shifts. The back and seat can be upholstered in a wide variety of attractive Actiu textiles designed for style and practicality.
  • pedrali-arki-table-standing

    Arki Table Standing

    Pedrali Arki-Table high version is a versatile solution suitable for different office environments. Workstation, table for reading or meeting for shared areas of public spaces.   Pedrali
  • pedrali-ypsilon-table-bases

    Ypsilon Table Bases

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    The Pedrali Ypsilon table base was created  for indoor or outdoor use, and will resist weather elements like summertime high temperatures with an aluminium structure that stays cool. The aluminium central tube extends towards the legs of its casted base, which are in the same material giving  the whole shape a cohesiveness. pedrali
  • Longo

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    Longo is a system that fuses soft seating with typical office furniture pieces using a platform which acts as a link to connect and branch numerous modules in a space. The system is designed to inspire a more friendly, open and relaxed environment, where formal structures and dynamic spaces thrive to create a harmonious environment where staff can focus and then achieve relaxation when necessary. The Longo modular system consists of sofas, workstations and managerial desks, with storage solutions (cabinets, libraries), accessories and sound absorbing panels which incorporate decorative accessories. Longo offers endless possibilities to achieve your desired environment, while always maintaining a unified visual concept. Actiu_logo
  • pedrali-inox


    Pedrali Inox is a versatile table with a round central base and column avaiable in satin, polished or painted stainless steel. The base can be combined with shelves in different sizes and finishes to compliment the interior space. Pedrali
  • Twist Video Conference Tables

    Twist fuses the integration of connectivity and technology into the furniture. This system breaks down the regular boundaries between areas of the workspace, with a simple but lightweight frame adapting to a wide variety of configurations. The Twist system can be adapted to your work behaviours and mood, whether you need to focus or collaborate. The Twist Video Conference tables are available in four configurations, and are designed for face to face and virtual collaboration. These tables support a quick catch up or a longer interaction, by providing you with support for sitting or standing postures.
  • Little Perillo XS

      The unique seat shell spirals from the inside to the outside in one piece, making the chairs instantly recognisable as part of the 'Perillo' family.  
  • Pedrali-volt-soft-chair

    Volt Soft

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    The fine linear design, graceful proportions and fresh colours make the Pedrali Volt a chair that stands out for its attention to detail. Volt is made of injection air gas moulded polypropylene reinforced by fiberglass. The upholstered version is available in a variety of colours. pedrali
  • Noa

    Noa is an armchair that combines the elegance of proportion to the comfort of the seat thanks to an innovative construction technique. The padded seat in fabric or leather option encapsulates a polycarbonate shell and armrest. With a polished outer shell finish, this seat is suited to a variety of office and meeting spaces. Pedrali
  • pedrali-babila-chair-2740

    Babila Chair 2740

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    The technopolymer shell of the Pedrali Babila chair recalls the wooden version but takes full advantage of elasticity and three-dimensionality of the plastic material, in order to offer the greatest comfort in a new smarter look. A delicate moulding characterizes the back. Sled Base in Steel.
  • pedrali-osaka


    Pedrali Osaka is a collection of seating with a strong graphic impact whose construction elements remind the linear features of an ideogram, due to their pureness and simplicity. Its rectilinear profile reveals a welcoming three-dimensionality, completed by the tactile wellbeing of the wood.
  • Sonny

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    A style that's reminiscent of the mid-century, but with a modern twist. The Sonny armchair has a softly curved shell, supported by a four-legged frame in a wood finish - dark oak, light oak or walnut.  Choose your upholstery from a range of leather, ecoleather or fabric to match back with your interior perfectly. midj
  • Zippo

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    Zippo is a single or two-seater padded bench designed especially for commercial interiors. A niche of privacy to escape the open environment, Zippo is the  perfect place to hold a meeting, focus on work or talk on the phone. The high sides and back provide excellent sound absorption capacity, while the seat is made in fireproof polyurethane. The angle of the backrest offers absolute comfort. Zippo takes its name from the zips that run along its perimeters to outline the forms. It can be covered with fabric or imitation leather. The steel tube frame can be painted white, black or aluminum, depending on your choice of zip colour. Pedrali
  • Montera Chairs

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    The Montera is a fusion between a chair and armchair, its precise proportions and warm, soft lines appeal both to the home and contract spaces.
  • pedrali-babila-sled-armchair-2746

    Babila Sled Armchair 2746

    Pedrali Babila armchair recalls the distinctive features and design of the collection, taking inspiration from the classic and timeless objects.  
  • pedrali-stylus-table

    Stylus Table Bases

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    Pedrali Stylus table base stands out for its minimalist look and organic outline, thanks to the slim central column and rounded corners of its flat square base. Very stable, it is suitable to host either square or round table tops. pedrali
  • Badminton

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    Looking for an iconic element in your chosen space? This throne like armchair fits that bill thanks to a dynamic design that enables conversation, reading and the use of mobile devices without falling into a relaxed state which impacts your concentration. With an impressive size and shape, the avant-garde Badminton enables privacy for the user through a high degree of sound proofing. Available in a wide range of colours, textures, exterior housing finishes and base styles.
  • Pedrali-Arki_Table

    Arki Tables

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    The Pedrali Arki-Table typifies the industrial look, with its rigorous shapes and versatility. Recognised by its extremely slim work surface and unique lacquered trestle leg structure, this square Arki-Table features an extruded aluminium frame and solid laminate top. Pedrali
  • Twist Spine Workstations – Organic

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    Twist fuses the integration of connectivity and technology into the furniture. This system breaks down the regular boundaries between areas of the workspace, with a simple but lightweight frame adapting to a wide variety of configurations. The Twist system can be adapted to your work behaviours and mood, whether you need to focus or collaborate. The Twist Spine can be linear or Organic, depending on the agile nature of your space. The Organic version allows you to plug and play desks at various points, and create non-linear patterns of desking. The Linear version is more traditional, but features more accessories, power and data integration and storage.
  • pedrali-log-sofa

    Log Sofa

    Pedrali Log Sofa, a two-seater sofa with soft and cozy shapes characterized by a surprising lightness to allow a quick and fluid outfit of the spaces. A natural widening and completion of the collection.  
  • Arkitek Executive

    As the name suggests, Arkitek is in response to an architectural vision of the workplace environment. This system epitomises the combination of a unique solution as well as top quality. Arkitek's more modern and exclusive features synergise well with executive offices. The high end look is defined by a robust frame supporting a slimline top in compact laminate or glass. Actiu_logo