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Meeting tables which are elegant, as well as durable and functional. Providing flexible options to suit all working styles.

  • pedrali-arki-table-standing

    Arki Table Standing

    Pedrali Arki-Table high version is a versatile solution suitable for different office environments. Workstation, table for reading or meeting for shared areas of public spaces.   Pedrali
  • pedrali-babila-table

    Babila Table

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    Pedrali Babila table reveals the rigorous lines and the natural warmth of the solid ash wood legs matched with an ultra-thin solid laminate top, supported by an extruded aluminium frame.   Pedrali
  • Bold Table Base

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    Bold table base, cast-iron base 480x480 mm, tube column Ø50 mm.ical Specifications   Pedrali
  • pedrali-bold-table-base-standing

    Bold Table Base Standing

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    Pedrali Bold table base, cast-iron base 480x480 mm, tube column Ø50 mm.   Pedrali
  • pedrali-malmo-table

    Malmo Table

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    The Pedrali Malmö table was born from an imaginary journey along the sides of a Scandinavian lake. It recalls the experience of a come back home with the cosiness of wood warming up the environment.  
  • pedrali-ypsilon-table-bases

    Ypsilon Table Bases

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    The Pedrali Ypsilon table base was created  for indoor or outdoor use, and will resist weather elements like summertime high temperatures with an aluminium structure that stays cool. The aluminium central tube extends towards the legs of its casted base, which are in the same material giving  the whole shape a cohesiveness. pedrali
  • pedrali-stylus-table

    Stylus Table Bases

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    Pedrali Stylus table base stands out for its minimalist look and organic outline, thanks to the slim central column and rounded corners of its flat square base. Very stable, it is suitable to host either square or round table tops. pedrali
  • MOMENT Meeting

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    Moment is a table system designed to inspire a collaborative work environment. The system has been thoughtfully designed to adapt to ongoing changes in workplace design with screens and accessories that can be easily interchanged or removed to create the desired work environment. Detail-formed legs feature across the Moment product family to provide synergy throughout the office. Suitable for meetings, conferences and boardrooms. thinkingworks
  • pedrali-malmo-coffee-table

    Malmo Coffee Tables

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    The Scandinavian-inspired Pedrali  Malmö family includes a table, designed for lounge environments, waiting areas and cafes. The Malmo coffee table features a lacquered MDF or ash-veneered top, tapered legs in ash wood. Choose a finish from bleached ash wood or black stained ash. pedrali
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    Characterised by simple, clean shapes, Pedrali Ikon is a collection of bases for table tops of generous dimensions. The collection comes from the research of synthesis, beauty and functionality. Big Ikon has a laminate top or lacquered MDF, with weighted conical base. pedrali
  • Fly Table

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    The Fly table offers a versatile and contemporary solutions for any cafeteria, educational environment and open workspace. Simple to asssemble and lightweight allowing easy movement and storage. Adjustable foot glides ensures stability on a variety of surfaces. Konfurb
  • Pedrali-Arki_Table

    Arki Tables

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    The Pedrali Arki-Table typifies the industrial look, with its rigorous shapes and versatility. Recognised by its extremely slim work surface and unique lacquered trestle leg structure, this square Arki-Table features an extruded aluminium frame and solid laminate top. Pedrali
  • I.AM Tables

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    I.AM is a totally flexible and versatile table base that provides a complete family of product options for the commercial environment. I.AM provides options such as a tilt-top stacking table (I.AM TURN). By adding frame spacers, legs and feet, the possibilities with I.AM are endless, accommodating desks and tables with a variety of top widths to infinite length. Suitable for hot-desking, breakout areas and offices that require constant change, I.AM TURN can quickly and easily be tilted, moved and stored. I.AM has been designed to be environmentally friendly and with responsibility for recycling in mind. It is manufactured using recyclable materials including steel, aluminium and polypropylene, and is easily disassembled for the recycling process. The range is complemented by FUEL, a fully integrated cable management system. FUEL powerboxes are designed to give users easy access to concealed power and data outlets from an unobtrusive worktop location, accessed via a hinged lid. Thinking Works
  • EONA Meeting Tables

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    Everything Old Is New Again (EONA) is a modular table base system manufactured from post consumer recycled materials. Its outstanding environmental credentials, combined with its sleek and timeless design, makes EONA ideal for conference and boardroom tables. EONA uses 100% post consumer recycled aluminium for legs and leg support inserts, post consumer recycled steel for outer leg supports, rails and adjustable glides and recyclable polypropylene. Thinking Works
  • Arkitek Meeting Tables

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    As the name suggests, Arkitek is in response to an architectural vision of the workplace environment. This system epitomises the combination of a unique solution as well as top quality. Arkitek's more modern and exclusive features synergise well with executive offices. The high end look is defined by a robust frame supporting a slimline top in compact laminate or glass. Actiu_logo
  • Diva Meeting Tables

    The Diva table collection is a shapely family of timber meeting tables. the natural timber material is combined with clever seamless integration of in built power boxes, and cable management through the legs.
  • Pedrali-Arki-Wood

    Arki Wood Tables

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    The Pedrali Arki Wood Table family is warm and engaging sibilng to the Arki table range. Featuring solid timber legs in ash in the same angled profile as the standard Arki table, the effect is industrial but slightly softer.
  • Twist Operative – Meeting Tables

    Twist fuses the integration of connectivity and technology into the furniture. This system breaks down the regular boundaries between areas of the workspace, with a simple but lightweight frame adapting to a wide variety of configurations. The Twist system can be adapted to your work behaviours and mood, whether you need to focus or collaborate. The Twist Operative Meeting tables are a series of collaborative tables in various shapes and sizes. They complement the Twist Operative and Spine workstation systems, and the Twist Video Conference tables.
  • Pedrali-Arki_Table

    Arki Table Bases

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    The Pedrali Arki-Table typifies the industrial look, with its rigorous shapes and versatility. Recognised by its extremely slim work surface and unique lacquered trestle leg structure.   Pedrali
  • pedrali-elliot


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    Pedrali Elliot table has an elegant silhouette and minimal design. The shape of the column, which transforms into an airy base, expresses continuity and attention to detail. The three-lobed column in extruded aluminium narrows down and splits open to form three feet in die-cast aluminium. Suitable also for outdoor. Elliott table 5470T is also offered with a folding top so that it can be stored away with very little space.   Pedrali