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Beam seating and outdoor bench seats which are created robust and resilient, yet with contemporary style, for the high-traffic usage these pieces command.

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    Quiet Lounge

    With acoustic qualities, these high back lounges are perfect for any breakout areas where privacy is a must. Used for meetings or quiet time. Australian made with high density foam set and 4 x brushed aluminium Bosari Legs.  
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    Lamella bench by Charles Wilson is a compact bench that comes with stainless steel wire base.Woodmark
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    Urban Beam

    Urban is delicate, light, technological and robust. It combines various materials including plywood, polypropylene, aluminum and steel, that along with an extensive range of upholstery, offer the comfort and strength necessary for whatever your chosen application. Urban's main unique characteristic is that it possesses a frame which allows multiple combinations of different components such as legs, supporting frame, seats, and arms. This creates a large number of specific configurations for different uses.Actiu_logo
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    Mit Beam

    A universal chair, Mit reinvents style with its slender and simple lines and seat made in one single piece. A perfect balance of performance and comfort, MIT has a solution for every need with its available combinations of  arm and base options. Made with flexible polyurethane, Mit is developed from an internal aluminium-injected frame to be the lightest on the market. Stackable and 100% recyclable.Actiu_logo
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    Uka Beam

    Uka is a chair designed to be versatile, light and easy to store, with flowing lines. It is mounted upon your choice of metal frame, for whatever your business requirements. Its breathable back provides a perfect lumbar support. A wide array of colours available, to create the perfect environment.Actiu_logo
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    Spacio Beam

    Spacio boasts a simple and solid frame for functionality. A versatile solution for any commercial interior including cafes, training rooms and waiting areas. Spacio is a light chair for ease of movement around different environments. Available in a variety of different models, colours and fabrics.Actiu_logo
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    The modular options of Konfurb Block promote communication, learning and creativity, optimising the use of the workplace. The pieces are created with a heavy-duty inner frame construction and a high-density soft pile foam. Optional contrasting upholsteries are available, to make the most of your brand's colours.Konfurb
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    The sleek but curvy Konfurb Freeform promotes creativity, communication and learning, bringing people together. The modular options allow for different configurations that optimise use of the workplace. The Freeform is 96% recyclable, made of a heavy duty inner frame construction and a High density soft pile foam. Optional contrasting upholsteries available.Konfurb
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    The Slice by Konfurb has been specifically designed to promote creativity, communication and learning in collaborative environments. Plus, the modular form optimises the use of the workplace. With multiple upholstery options, the Slice is a great addition to any modern office or commercial venue.Choose to contrast the colours, or stick with just one. Either way, the Slice is a piece that makes a brand statement. Made with a heavy-duty inner frame construction and high-density soft pile foam.Konfurb
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    Star by Konfurb is truly going to be the shining star in any space, especially when combined with your commercial interior's colour palette. A collaborative seating piece designed for flexibility in the modern office and commercial venue - use the pieces in multiple combinations as your environment and needs change.With a 5-year guarantee and and a Greentag certification, the modular Star promotes communication, creativity, and learning. Made with a heavy-duty inner frame construction and high-density soft pile foam.Konfurb
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    Stem by Konfurb is available in three different forms, each piece is a ‘Y’ shaped design with different dimensions that can be used independently or as a 2 or 3-piece design. With a 5-year guarantee and a Greentag certification, the modular Stem promotes communication, creativity, and learning.Konfurb