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With designs suited to foyers, hospitality, activity based working, and break out areas lounge furniture transforms interiors into adaptable spaces with the ability to add personality through form, function, colour and texture. Perfect for creating different spaces or adding a feeling of privacy within an open plan office.

  • story_2-s_lido_och_sole_front

    Story Sofa

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    Designed by Helene Tiedemann, Story offers a way of using seating for sectioning off areas and activities, creating space within space. It is a tool kit that offers endless combinations, building sideways as well as upwards.Story 's modular design reflects Scandinavian simplicity with calm welcoming lines and comfort - ideal for reception areas, breakout rooms, lobby and any collaborative workspace.Create your ideal collaborative environment with any combination of Story products:
    • Easy chair
    • Easy chair with add-on A
    • 2-seater sofa
    • 2-seater sofa with add-on A+B
    • 3-seater sofa with add-on A
    • 3-seater sofa with add-on A+B
    Product Detail: Wooden frame with nozag springing. Padding of high resiliency foam and polyester fiber. Round wooden legs in ash.ji_logotyp_cmyk_0
  • talk-2_steelcut_trio

    Talk Sofa

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    Designed by Helene Tiedemann, the TALK collection offers a variety of set ups and configurations for the lobby, reception, breakout room and more.Strict yet friendly, the TALK lounge and easy chair provide very comfortable seating designed to fit in just about anywhere with its slender dimensions.TALK collection available as:
    • Easy Chair
    • 2-Seater Lounge
    • 3-Seater Lounge
    • Pouf Small
    • Pouf Large
    Product Detail: Wooden frame with nozag springing. Padding of high resiliency foam and polyester fiber. Black metal legs.ji_logotyp_cmyk_0
  • honey_group_ink_and_khaki


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    Designed by Helene Tiedemann, Honey is our latest addition to Jonas Ihreborn's range of seating. Honey consists of a core of playful hexagonal stools that can be linked to form endless variations of seating sculptures.Encourage collaboration and creativity at work with any of the following Honey pieces:
    • Duoback (low)
    • Duoback (high)
    • Trioback (low)
    • Trioback (high)
    • Pouf
    Product Details: Wooden frame with padding in high resiliency foam and polyester fiber. Legs in metal.ji_logotyp_cmyk_0
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    Longo is a system that fuses soft seating with typical office furniture pieces using a platform which acts as a link to connect and branch numerous modules in a space. The system is designed to inspire a more friendly, open and relaxed environment, where formal structures and dynamic spaces thrive to create a harmonious environment where staff can focus and then achieve relaxation when necessary.The Longo modular system consists of sofas, workstations and managerial desks, with storage solutions (cabinets, libraries), accessories and sound absorbing panels which incorporate decorative accessories. Longo offers endless possibilities to achieve your desired environment, while always maintaining a unified visual concept.Actiu_logo
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    Zippo is a single or two-seater padded bench designed especially for commercial interiors. A niche of privacy to escape the open environment, Zippo is the  perfect place to hold a meeting, focus on work or talk on the phone. The high sides and back provide excellent sound absorption capacity, while the seat is made in fireproof polyurethane. The angle of the backrest offers absolute comfort.Zippo takes its name from the zips that run along its perimeters to outline the forms. It can be covered with fabric or imitation leather. The steel tube frame can be painted white, black or aluminum, depending on your choice of zip colour.Pedrali
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    Workways once again proves Markant's innovation in the world of offices.The new social seating programme features a complete collection of modular elements that offer endless flexibility in functionality and configuration. Increasing implementation of New World of Work and emergence of 'generation Y' into the workplace are creating major changes to the office landscape.In principle Workways is a chair that integrates a variety of adjustable elements and intelligent accessories, is able to accomodate entire office settings in it's own right. Concentration, communication, working alone, with a colleague or in a team, Workways allows you to create your personal work environment.Markant Workways - the Office LandscapeMarkant
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    The stylishly designed Studio lounge is ideal for combating issues of open plan work space. Its sturdy, high soft sides create an acoustically sound seating area.Konfurb
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    Designed to complement Woodmark's Amelia chair, the Sophie 2-seater settee has a moulded-foam body on a stainless steel base. Pieces in this family were created under a simple design philosophy - to be both pleasing to use and easy to manufacture. The result being beautiful, functional and cost-effective designs.Woodmark
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    Social is a modular system of linear seats, angular sofas and ottomans that create a myriad of designs to accommodate moments of sociability. A sleek and attractive design, made even lighter by the presence of minimalist legs in die-cast painted or polished aluminum. Constructed from polyurethane foam with elastic straps supporting the back, and covered in fabric or leather.Pedrali
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    The Maxime Lounge designed by Norman and Quaine is low with a generous wide arm. Upholstery is fixed with nylon glides to the underside.Woodmark
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    Simple, classic elegance, that's easy on the budget but doesn't compromise on quality. Jose comes in an armchair, or 2-seater, 2.5-seater and 3-seater lounge options. Jose can be covered in leather or upholstery-grade fabric. Plywood frames and top of the range Enduro foam ensure strength and longevity.Woodmark
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    Ice Lounge

    The high armrests of this chair offer a unique boxy element that is reminiscent of ice cubes. The aptly-named, Ice Armchair, is incredibly sleek, comfortable and durable, with a solid wood frame. The back and armrests are padded with foamed polyurethane while the seat is upholstered in leather or imitation leather. Supportive legs are crafted from pressure die-cast aluminum alloy. Ice is available in a variety of colours.Sinetica
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    The Hudson available in High Arm and Low Arm is fully upholstered with removable cushion covers and is supplied with feather and down side cushions. Leg options include stainless steel or solid timber and this stylish piece is available as a 2 and 3 seater.Woodmark
  • fenix_3-sits_med_2_plym_er_i_tyg_two-tone_033_sida-1


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    One of Jonas Ihreborn's most popular products, the Fenix sofa is adored for its flexibility and charm.With timeless design and proven adaptability, Fenix offers beautiful Scandinavian design to executive offices, reception areas, lobby and collaborate workspaces.Enhance your environment with any combination of the Fenix range:
    • Easy chair
    • 1½-seater (1 armrest/no armrest)
    • 2-seater (standard/1 armrest/no armrest)
    • 2½-seater (standard/1 armrest/no armrest)
    • 3-seater (standard/2 cushions/1 armrest/no armrest)
    • 3½-seater (standard/1 armrest/no armrest)
    • 4-seater
    • Corner
    • Relax
    • Pouf
    Product Detail: Wooden frame with nozag springs. Padding of high resiliency foam and polyester fiber. Seat cushions with foam/fiber and a metal spring core or with feathering and a foam core. Back cushions are filled with feather mixed with pieces of foam. Removable cover. Available in firm or soft versions.Jonas Ihreborn
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    Designed by Charles Wilson, the scalloped arm of the Boulder Lounge is comfortable and embracing, and has been developed as a continuous sweep. This stretched form, achieved using moulded foam, is echoed in the ottoman. Again comfort and use were considered here, as both an object to sit on or lean into.Woodmark
  • blob_corner_raw_5481


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    Designed by Helene Tiedemann, the Blob modular sofa system offers a variety of set ups and configurations for the lobby, reception, breakout room and more. The Blob modular lounge reflects Scandinavian simplicity with calm welcoming lines and comfort.Create an inspired environment with any combination of the following Blob modules:
    • Pouf
    • One seater
    • Corner lounge
    • Easy chair
    Jonas Ihreborn spent over a year perfecting the shape, comfort and selection of environmentally friendly materials to ensure that the Blob modular sofa system is green (both inside and out) and beyond all market standard.Jonas Ihreborn
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    Allure combines class and comfort, with accessories available including penholder, paper tray, CD rack, and a flower holder, that can be hooked to the seating structure. A perfect waiting room chair, Allure comes in an armchair, and 2 and 3 seater sofa varieties. Allure's structure is solid wood, plywood and hardboard, and upholstery is polyether non-deformable expanded foam. You choose your covering, from fabric (removable), artificial leather or leather. Metal feet with a polished chrome finish off the look.Sinetica
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    Designed by Charles Wilson, this comes with a cast aluminium or solid American White Ash timber leg. We can do foam cushions.Woodmark