#Pedraligoodideas at Salone del Mobile 2018

#Pedraligoodideas at Salone del Mobile 2018
May 3, 2018 Verity Osborne

The Concept

Designed by the Milanese architectural studio Calvi Brambilla, the 800 sq.m Pedrali stand was made interactive for visitors who could watch real-life dance performances through peep holes, staged around some of the brand’s most iconic products.

Drawing inspiration from an object as charged with meaning as the light bulb, Fabio Calvi and Paolo Brambilla studio paid tribute to the Italian company’s “latest good ideas” with an installation that was both a museum display and a product dramatisation.

The light bulb took on an iconic dimension with a twofold communicative and architectural element, forming the leitmotif of the entire installation.

With 430,000 visitors over 188 countries over six days, Salone del Mobile 2018 was a celebration of the international design and furniture industry.

Pedrali highlighted thirteen new products in total, some extensions to their existing lines, others entirely new products. We’ve shown our top picks below, coming soon.


The Products


Friendly spirit

Buddy collection has been enriched with new elements that enhance its versatile, functional nature, featured by a contrast between the bold volumes of the seat and a slender, lightweight frame. The line comprises a chair, a two seats bench and a chaise-longue with generous backrests, combined with softly upholstered poufs, creating a family of soft modular seatings, that reflect the friendly spirit of the collection. The different sizes of the poufs and backrests, each available in two heights, allow multiple combinations matching the varied needs of contemporary and multipurpose spaces: from relaxation areas to airport lounges, and through to latest-generation co-working spaces. A turning tablet can also be added to the configuration.

Design Busetti Garuti Redaelli



Between mind & heart

Remind, or call back to mind – a concept rendered in Latin by the word ‘re-cordis’, meaning ‘to pass through the heart’. (Eugeni Quitllet)

Mind and heart have been both essential to create Remind: the heart in its creation and the mind in its production. While evoking the soft sinuous curves of wooden chairs from the late nineteenth century, Remind’s organic silhouette recalls “something never seen before”, a universal shape able to fit into any space and style of decor. The result is an innovative polypropylene armchair, in which each element is conceived to ensure total comfort and cosiness. The breathable texture makes it airy and even lighter. Made from injection-moulded polypropylene, the armchair is functional and versatile, perfect for both outdoor and indoor spaces.



Multimaterial language

Dome stool is the latest evolution of the chair and features a structure which is an alternation of linear and curved signs. A plastic stool that recalls the typical wood joinery and the shapes of metal, where the minimalist essence and the structural simplicity are maintained. The innovative rectangular shape of the seat with rounded edges makes for an ergonomic stool, despite its small saddle seat. Made entirely from gas air-injection moulded polypropylene, Dome stool is designed for all decors and varied uses, and can also be stacked vertically.



Multimaterial language

Babila stool with backrest adds a new element to the series, fitting harmoniously into a collection that evokes classic forms, while staying true to its nature, seemingly treading the line between tradition and innovation. The soft, harmonious silhouette of the curved shell features a chamfered element that defines its profile, giving it an ergonomic shape, while the backrest comes with a distinctive cut-out design. The stool is available both in injection-moulded polypropylene and in a upholstered version. Babila stool comes with tapered legs in ash, joined together by a die-cast aluminium ring that acts as a footrest, or with a steel rod sled frame. Available in two heights, this stool offers a midway solution between the armchair and backless stool, while it encompasses key elements of both.