Beatriz Sempere – designer profile

Beatriz Sempere – designer profile
September 20, 2016 Joel Flint

With a strong background in industrial design Beatriz Sempere’s true passion is around habitats. She explores the relationship between user experience and object with a strong approach to functionality and design aesthetics.

Her collaboration with Midj with the design of the Apelle family reflect this passion and Sempere’s detailed eye for harmonious design.

Born in Spain and residing in Italy, Sempere creates a unique balance of Italian design influences with Spanish tradition and the interpretation of its forms. Sempere’s work focuses on linear and geometric aesthetics, translating this into interior and architectural spaces through the design of diverse objects.

The Apelle family represents this philosophy with its geometric lines of the frame, paired with the soft details of the leather seat giving the design a modern balance. Basic materials give her design a sense of simplicity and style and the ability to highlight its strong form.

Sempere’s love for different cultures brings her unique eye to the design table. She is globally recognised for her design contribution across a number of fields and she is immersed in the world of galleries and design led brands.