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  • pedrali-Eugeni Quitllet

    Eugeni Quitllet

    Pedrali Designer Profile Eugeni Quitllet designer of the new Remind chair.

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  • pedrali-odo-fioravanti

    Odo Fioravanti

    Pedrali Designer Profile Odo Fioravanti new release Dome stool and Babila Stool available now at Business Interiors.

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  • pedrali-patrick-norguet

    Patrick Norguet

    Pedrali Designer Profile Patrick Norguet. Designer of the new Fox range of chairs.

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  • pedrali-patrick-jouin

    Patrick Jouin

    Pedrali Designer Profile Patrick Jouin, designer of the newly released Elliot range of tables.

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  • pedrali-busetti-garuti-redaelli

    Manuela Busetti Andrea Garuti Matteo Redaelli

    Pedrali Designer Profile Manuela Busetti Andrea Garuti Matteo Redaelli

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